Traditionally it makes sense to have freelancers in house so senior team members can ensure that the quality standards your agency is known for are adhered to, and delivered consistently. We've made that process easier for you.

We're JohBee, the brand implementation wing of Johnson Beesley, LLC. We "grew up" working for the worlds leading brand and design agencies, and we've spent decades defining the very standards of quality that your senior production and implementation people enforce with freelancers.

We deliver on all your planning, production and implementation needs from near or far. Primarily we work virtually, but we're always available for in-house assignments. We understand how to fulfill world class deliverables on time and on budget. We have a proprietary process for ensuring that no job is too big or small, and can work with your agency from first pitch to final deliverable.

We are the "in-source" solution for an entire implementation and brand management team. We implement brands for agencies, and there's a good chance we've already worked for yours.